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Elisa Sivieri



My name is Elisa Sivieri, and I'm the founder  of Tata da Favola .  

After years spent working as a nanny around the world, I have decided to share everything I have learned during my professional journey.

My agency helps families find the nanny of their dreams for their children and helps nannies secure jobs full of great satisfactions.

Tata da Favola Image by Yaroslav Muzychenko

For a period of my life, I had the opportunity to work in a team, closely with domestic sector professionals such as childcare providers, midwives, chefs, drivers, housekeepers, house managers, personal assistants, yacht crews, and airplane staff for a period of my life.

This closeness allowed me to learn the secrets of the trade and to understand how the success of these prominent figures, present in small and large homes, is the result of much study, commitment, sacrifice, but above all of profound love for the chosen profession .

Tata da Favola
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